Investigation of the Bond Strength of Polyimide Adhesive

Investigation of the Bond Strength of Polyimide Adhesive Deepak Chichili, Roger Bossertand Jeff Brandt

TechnicalDivision / Engineering and Fabrication Dept.

Fermilab,Batavia, IL 60510

Thecoils used in the first R&D magnet, HGQ01 for LHC IR Quadrupole were madeof G-10 end-parts and the cable was insulated with kapton coated with epoxyadhesive. In order to have a high radiation resistance, the ULTEM end-partswith kapton insulation coated with polyimide adhesive (QI®, provided by Fraivillig Materials) wasproposed for the second R&D magnet, HGQ02. An amorphous thermoplasticployetherimide, ULTEM resin has exceptional strength and modulus combined withhigh radiation resistance (a loss of less than 6% tensile strength was reportedafter cummulative exposure to 500 megarads at the rate of one megarad per hourusing Cobalt 60) [1]. The particular ULTEM used here is ULTEM 2300 which hasULTEM resin reinforced with 30% glass fibers. Table 1 lists some of themechanical and thermal properties of G-10 and ULTEM 2300 as provided by themanufacturer [1].


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